Modern decision making

Oil production

If oil disappeared?

Geologists and other scientists analyze different types of rocks and decide on whether they are perspective in terms of oil production. It is expected that the new technologies and new findings will make it possible for the oil reserves to continue for a long time.

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What is oil?

Crude oil is a flammable liquid of oily consistency formed in the crust of the earth. It is found in the porous rocks of sedimentary origin penetrating sand, sandstone, limestone. Oil is known to be the most important natural resource in the world, without which the modern industry and the modern life is inconceivable.

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What kind of survey is that and in what way
it is going to be implemented?

Energy companies all over the world have been using the seismic survey technology for the exploration of natural resources deposited deep under the ground for decades.

What is next?

It is necessary to point out that the seismic survey helps minimizing the number of wells to be drilled, thus, the impact on the local environment. Analysis of the underground reflections allows identifying geological faults, what is very important in well drilling, as the obtained data helps to avoid them.

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Shale gas

Shale hydrocarbons

Safe technology

Hydraulic fracking is a process, during which a mixture of water and sand is being pumped into a wellbore. Water and sand makes 99.5% of the mixture, while the remaining 0.5% is additives.

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About chemicals

The compounds of the mixture are the usual chemicals used in our daily life and household, i.e. soda, salt, etc. AAll these materials are certified, hold safety data sheets and are permitted for the use in the entire European Union.

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Innovative Solutions

The USA and Canada are the most experienced in shale hydrocarbons exploration and production.

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